In a world in which the postmodern idea wants to call futurism dead, the great mind has forgotten that you cannot hurt the human imagination.

Since it was born it has evolved in a tumorous fashion. So where futurism died, post-futurism arises. Not to indicate something formed through habit from an indeterminate world and in itself a strange kind of “fiction” difficult to dissipate, since it is precisely the fiction of ourselves and our world. Nothing more nothing less.

I knew

Post-Futurism aims to connect the great divide between science and culture. For our current culture creates forbidden objects: Objects that are deemed to not be PG enough to appear nonchalantly. Embryos, cadavers, drug utensils, people under the influence, naked bodies. All of them shunt from the public eye. Everything is seen by the panopticon, but not everything is allowed to be shown to the panopticon. Censoring and repercussions follow. Science does not contain forbidden objects. It has moral taboos. Lines you cannot overstep. These are forbidden acts. Post-Futurism has as its end in unlocking an anarchic removal of all Forbidden. There are rebels with a cause and rebels without a cause. And there are taboos with a reason and taboos without a reason. Let there be only rebels with a cause and reasoned taboos. And there are only a few of these.